Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Two New Nature Videos!

I recently added two new videos to my YouTube channel. Both were shot late this summer on separate dates at the Ernest F. Hollings ACE Basin National Wildlife Refuge. The vast 7,200 acre refuge is located off Highway 17 about 30 minutes south of Charleston's Citadel Mall. So what if it was 90-plus degrees out there, when nature calls...nature calls!

The first video is about a neat encounter Beverly Donald and I had with a Barred Owl on a trail within the Hollings sanctuary:

The second video chronicles a pre-dawn visit to the Hollings site just two days ago. My pre-dawn arrival was rewarded with a truly lovely sunrise and some other "dawn of a new day" photographs.

The Hollings NWR is one of several ACE Basin sites that are within an hour's drive of Charleston. If you are looking for a neat day or half-day trip, wanting to truly get away from it all, check out the ACE Basin wildlife areas. The Charleston area beaches are great and close by, but there truly is a whole nother world out there on the edge of our familiar civilization.  

Click here to view a pictorial I did about the Hollings NWR a couple years ago. It's on my book/photography website called BirdsEyeViews

Donnelley and Bear Island are two other S.C. Wildlife Management Areas, also in ACE Basin. I have visited each several times and always enjoying taking photographs and video at these wonderful places. Click on the locations to see some of the sites! 

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