Thursday, December 26, 2013

YouTube Views from The Modern Connection's Jessica Turner


Jessica Turner of The Modern Connection
The power of video to market, persuade and inform is only going to grow, said Jessica Turner, account director at Charleston's The Modern Connection.                              

On Nov. 20 Turner, spoke to my "YouTube and You: The Societal Impact of Online Video Sharing" class. It was an illuminating visit from this seasoned digital
marketing and public relations professional who hails from Kansas and has worked in the Los Angeles mega-market.

The Modern Connection, located near the College of Charleston campus on Calhoun Street near East Bay, is a cutting-edge digital marketing agency. Turner and company founder Ashley T. Caldwell can be heard on local radio station 105.5 FM The Bridge every Wednesday morning talking about social media issues.

Here are some key points Turner made to the students about her company, digital marketing, YouTube and effective video production and presentation:
¡What is The Modern Connection?
§A B2B (business-to-business) digital marketing firm (founded in 2009)
§Helps small businesses that don’t know how to use social media or   
   that want to step up their efforts and success in this area
¡TMC’s services include:
§Building websites
§Writing blogs
§Handling text messaging campaigns
§Day-to-day social media management for clients
§Google advertising (AdSense, etc.)
¡Turner maintains that while social media networks come and go, there will never not be social networking
¡Social networking has “completely switched the power from business to consumers” and has “shrunk the world like never before”
¡Turner cautioned against “creating video for the sake of creating video”
¡Have a purpose to it and a desired outcome

¡Have a “call to action”
¡Ways to use video: §Showcase new products§Demonstrate products
§Show personalities of owners and managers and to introduce new teammates§Hold contests§Testimonials from satisfied customers
Turner offered other things to consider regarding business videos:
¡Hire a spokesperson
¡Be funny- try to anyway-don’t be afraid to show humor
¡Don’t be afraid to show personal, human side and personality
¡Link and share videos via websites, email, social networks
¡“Optimization” is the key on YouTube- effectively use titles, descriptions, tag words, and link URL to related, appropriate sites
Other video tactics and approaches shared by Turner included:
¡Use of Vine and Instagram for marketing is growing as public use grows
¡“Crowdsourcing” can engage the public and customers by seeking video and photography input in contests and projects
                 §airbnb video example (article and submission rules)
§See completed video

§Did this project expand awareness of airbnb?
Video "Do's and Don'ts" according to Turner:
§Make sure your message is clear
§Have a “call to action”- something you want viewers to do and/or take away from the video
§Include where people can find you
§Stress name of the brand
§Have way for people to connect, to “opt in”
  ¡Let video be overly long- keep it tight and focused¡Let background noise or music overwhelm voice-over or narrative ¡Have poor lighting ¡Have excessive zooming, panning ¡Over produce- don’t let special effects supersede shooting quality
Additional Turner thoughts and tips...
¡“Never quit traditional marketing,” Turner advised. “Never put everything online.”
¡The key to YouTube success is “optimization”
¡TMC clients pay for the staff’s expertise, experience and time
¡Yes, the tools of social media are free, but the time put into it is not free- especially to bring in pros who really know how to market digitally
¡Viral videos cannot be made- you can make a great video, the people will decide if it goes viral
¡Trying to make a viral video will only look like you tried to make a viral video
                                          After class, Jessica Turner and CofC communication major Taylor Dixon
Thanks so much Jessica Turner!!!