Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wintertime Birds at Magnolia Cemetery

Last Friday I was at Charleston's Magnolia Cemetery doing more research on my book when I saw several types of birds in the back pond.  Winter is an excellent time for birding, if you know where to look!  It was chillly out but that didn't keep these birds from chillin' in and around the water. In this photo are three types of coastal birds, from left:  a Great Egret, Great Blue Heron and White Ibis.
I have always found it ironic that at Magnolia Cemetery, obviously a place of death, there is often so much life- albeit bird life. Opened in 1850, Magnolia Cemetery is one of America's oldest, most beautiful historic cemeteries. Being a "secret" bird sanctuary makes it an even more special place.
Great Blue Herons are regular vistors at the cemetery's two ponds, which have the small fish, crabs and other treats craved by coastal birds.
A Great Egret (below) graces the back pond. It's amazing how fluid and graceful these big birds are on land and in water.
Two other types of egrets and herons were also scoping the pond for food.  That's a Snowy Egret in front and behind it, a Little Blue Heron.
Magnolia Cemetery is a lovely, peaceful and historic place. You can see a "who's who" of Charleston names among the headstones and monuments of the 30,000-plus people buried here. The birds are an appealling extra touch of elegance. Come by and see for yourself at Magnolia Cemetery, located a little off the beaten path at 70 Cunnington Ave., which is off Meeting Street Road on the outskirts of Charleston near North Charleston. Click here for a map!
More of my bird and nature photography can be seen on my other blog, BirdsEyeViews.



  1. I see quite a few of these birds here in Staten Island NY,. They are beautiful to see. I watch and take pictures of them all the time and use them as my wallpaper on my computer.
    Love nature.

  2. Thank you for your comments Yoli. A kindred spirit I see. Glad you enjoyed the photos and take your own where you live.

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