Saturday, November 3, 2012

Edwin McCain Rocks the Coastal Carolina Fair

On Halloween night Alesia and I went to the annual Coastal Carolina Fair in Ladson.  It was the first time we didn't stay home to pass out candy to trick or treaters in, oh, 20 years probably.  Our kids are both in college so this year we decided going out to eat then the fair might be fun and different.
It was our first time to the Coastal Carolina Fair in several years. There was a nice crowd  Wednesday night, not as many people as I thought there would be.  Not as many kids in costumes either.
The Village People were going to perform the night we were there, but I'm not a big fan so I wasn't disappointed to hear, due to travel problems caused by Hurricane Sandy, the VP had to cancel. The real treat for us was seeing the "fill in" peformer- South Carolina's own Edwin McCain, and his excellent band.
McCain (right) is a South Carolina native. Born in Greenville in 1970 he attended the College of Charleston for a while and really got his start as a performer in the Holy City.
Before this concert, I hadn't been that familiar with McCain's music.  I know his career has kind of paralleled that of Hootie and the Blowfish, another Palmetto State group. McCain has had some hit singles and solid-selling albums, but not the early sensational success of Hootie.
But I'm a fan now! The small concert stage at the Ladson fairgrounds was an intimate venue to enjoy McCain's brand of acoustic rock. His deep voice even sounded good in an improptu version of the Village People's hit "YMCA." He asked for someone to bring up the lyrics on a smart phone, saying he'd sing "YMCA" if someone did, saying "I aint scared, I'll sing it."
And sing it he did! Above photo, McCain signs the words from a fan's phone.
A talented songwriter, McCain is backed by an equally talented band he's had for many years.
Larry Chaney (left) is an excellent lead guitarist. His solos were really good.
On bass (center) is Jason Pomar, also a dynamic player and performer. Both also sing.
Tez Sherard laid down a heavy, but rhythmic drum beat. All of the McCain's players are also from South Carolina except the bassist who's from Atlanta.
Charleston's own Craig Shields added an extra layer of excellence to the performance with his saxophone play, especially his solos. He also plays wind instruments and keyboards.
I really appreciated the musicality of Edwin McCain and his band. The crowd of several hundred was very enthusiastic and supportive. The weather was cool, and so was this veteran band of performers who put on a great show.
Edwin McCain has at least a few new fans after this show- yours truly, and my wife too.
I suppose a supreme compliment would be that I will surely buy some of McCain's music, I'd pay to see another show, and I've been telling people how great this show was.
What a great time we had at the Coastal Carolina Fair.  The fireworks show that started right after McCain finished his set was the best I've ever seen!  It went on and on, when I thought it would end, more and more colorful exposives and lots of crazy pyrotechnics I had never seen! 
Next fall we'll have to return to the fair and do more of the rides, games and exhibits.




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